Uptown Tech

Uptown Tech
Development Address: 
Jumoville Street
Does Not Align with Master Plan
Westrise Capital
Project Status: 
Under Review
Development Category: 

Review the Project Documents:

July 2020 - Submitted to the DRP

  • Hill CDC engaged Westrise Capital during the July 16th Development Activities Meeting regarding Uptown Tech Project
  • Developer did not initially intend to communicate with Hill CDC regarding project
  • Scope includes the re-purpose/revitalize of a vacant commercial building
  • Targeting 1-2 Tech-Flex Tenants
  • Complete renovation of 62,000 sq ft Commercial Building
  • Include new ADA Access with upgrades to existing loading docks
  • Include new landscaping and facade improvements for entire exterior of building
  • DRP requested additional required documentation

August 2020 - Informally Met with DRP

  • Discussed with Development team about bringing their project in alignment with the GHDMP
  • Developer refused to provided final required documents
  • Westrise Capital deliberately moved forward to reach planning commission despite not receiving DRP support
  • Developer disengaged from the DRP process and halted communications

October 2020 - Developer Met with Hill CDC

  • The Developer submitted to planning commission without community support
  • Planning Commission issued a continuance for the application pending proper negotiation with Hill CDC
  • Hill CDC & Co-Counsel met with Developer and their Co-Counsel leading up to 10/27 commission hearing
  • Planning Commissioner legally issued a conditioned approval pending Good Faith Effort to complete the DRP
  • Development team submitted requested Documents to DRP

November 2020 - Developer Presented to DRP

  • Project did not pass the DRP committee receiving a score of 77%
  • Areas of needs improvement include Economic Empowerment & Honors the African American Cultural Legacy
  • DRP provided feedback to developer
  • Developer plans to re-engage in January 2021

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