Allegheny County Executive Candidate Interviews

Primary Elections in Allegheny County are underway and the County is electing new leadership for the first time in over a decade.

Marimba Milliones, President and CEO of the Hill CDC, sat down with four of the six candidates vying for the position of County Executive to hear their perspectives on issues facing the Hill District and communities like it across Allegheny County.

Topics ranged from affordable housing, the Lower Hill, and transportation to crime reduction and the County's Department of Human Services. All candidates were asked these same questions over the course of an hour. This flyer has the link to the videos and the time stamps for each question.
Check each of the videos out and become more informed about how the County Executive position is poised to impact our community in many significant ways.

Below each interview you will find time stamps that will lead to different topics of conversation within the respective videos.

David Fawcett


Local Government: 4:20 - 12:55

Lower Hill: 21:30-29:30

Constituents: 9:40

Crime: 34:20

DHS: 46:00

Affordable Housing: 53:00

BRT: 58:45

Hill Residents: 1:05:00

Sara Innamorato


Local Government: 2:00 -10:00

Lower Hill: 17:00 - 20:00

Constituents: 24:00

Crime: 28:20


Affordable Housing: 39:30

BRT: 45:30

Equity in Grant making: 49:00

Hill Residents: 51:00 - 56:00

Michael Lamb


Local Government: 4:40-11:45

Lower Hill: 17:38- 9:47

Constituents: 22:15

Crime: 26:40

DHS: 31:25

Affordable Housing: 33:20

BRT: 48:00

Equity in Grant making: 41:45, 56:00

Hill Residents: 58:30 - 1:02:50

John Weinstein


Local Government: 1:00 -14:40

Lower Hill: 13:17- 18:15

Constituents: 19:55

Crime: 23:10

DHS: 31:20

Affordable Housing:35:10

BRT: 41:00

Equity in Grant making: 44:30

Hill Residents: 47:15 - 51:50