Who Represents the Hill District?

Learn more about the elected and appointed officials who represent the Hill District and find links to their official websites below.

President of the United States

President Joe Biden

Official Website for the President of the United States

Federal Representatives and Senators

US Senator Bob Casey

Official Website for Sen. Bob Casey

US Senator John Fetterman

Official Website for Sen. John Fetterman

US House Representative Summer Lee

Official Website for Rep. Summer Lee

Governor of Pennsylvania

Governor Josh Shapiro

Official Website of the Governor of Pennsylvania

State Representatives and Senators

State Senator Jay Costa

Jay Costa

Official Website for Sen. Costa

State Senator Wayne Fontana

Wayne Fontana

Official Website for Sen. Fontana

State Representative La'Tasha Mayes

Official Website for Rep. La'Tasha Mayes

State Representative Aerion Abney

Official Website for Rep. Aerion Abney

County Officials

County Executive Rich Fitzgerald

Official Website for Executive Rich Fitzgerald

District 10 County Council Representative DeWitt Walton

Official Website for Councilman DeWitt Walton

City Officials

Mayor Ed Gainey

Official Website for Mayor Ed Gainey

Councilman R. Daniel Lavelle - District 6

R. Daniel Lavelle

Official Website for Councilman R. Daniel Lavelle

Councilman Bobby Wilson - District 1

Official Website for Councilman Bobby Wilson

Councils and Committees

The following individuals are officially appointed to their positions and are responsible for carrying out the duties of their respective committees. To learn more about the duties of each committee and the impact they have on policy and decision-making, visit their official website.

Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh

"The URA is committed to creating more housing that is affordable to the average Pittsburgher; encouraging more entrepreneurship and small business development; promoting inclusive growth and quality job creation; expanding neighborhood and main streets revitalization efforts; and developing a talented workforce that is equipped with the skills of the future."

"The URA has a five-member board; each member is appointed by the Mayor."

Visit the URA Website

Contact the URA Here


Kyle Chintalapalli

R. Daniel Lavelle

Sara Innamorato

Lindsay Powell

Sam Williamson

City Planning Commission

The Commission is charged with guiding land use and land development within the City. The Planning Commission makes recommendations to City Council concerning the Zoning Ordinance and zoning maps, and then reviews major development and redevelopment proposals.

"The City Planning Commission is a nine-member panel appointed by the Mayor for six-year, staggered terms."

Visit the City Planning Commission Official Website

planningcommission [at] pittsburghpa.gov (Contact the City Planning Commission Here)


Christine Mondor

Fred Brown

Dina Blackwell

Sabina Deitrick

Jean Holland Dick

Rachel O'Neill

Lashawn Burton-Faulk

Becky Mingo

Jennifer Askey

Zoning Board of Adjustment

"The Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) is an adjudicative body that reviews land use proposals in accordance with the requirements of the Zoning Code. The ZBA reviews development in public hearings, where Applicants and members of the community submit evidence and provide testimony."

Visit the Zoning Board of Adjustment Website

zoningboard [at] pittsburghpa.gov (Contact the ZBA Here)


LaShawn Burton-Faulk

Alice Mitinger

John J. Richardson

Sports and Exhibition Authority

"The Sports & Exhibition Authority develops first class sports, entertainment, recreational, and convention venues to benefit Pittsburgh's economy and improve quality of life."

"The Sports & Exhibition Authority (SEA) is governed by a seven member Board of Directors appointed by both the County of Allegheny and the City of Pittsburgh."

Visit the Sports and Exhibition Authority Official Website

info [at] pgh-sea.com (Contact the SEA Here)


Sen. Wayne Fontana

Michael Dunleavy

Sala Udin

Anthony Coghill

Mulu Birru

Nicholas Futules

Michael Quatrini

Historic Review Commission

"The Historic Review Commission (HRC) provides guidance to those seeking to conduct exterior work on historic buildings in the city. The Historic Review Commission is comprised of seven members appointed by the Mayor. The membership of the commission must include an architect, a preservationist, a realtor, a building inspector, and a planner."

The Historic Review Commission has control over any proposed new construction or demolition within a historic district and exterior work to a historic landmark."

Visit the Historic Review Commission Official Website

historicreview [at] pittsburghpa.gov (Contact the HRC Here)


Lucia M. Aguirre, Chairperson

Andrew Dash

Dave Green

Matthew Falcone

Karen Loysen

Richard Snipe

James Hill