Hill Tech Society

Hill Tech Society

Hill Tech Society is the latest initiative at the Hill CDC which focuses on building a vibrant technological and business community in the Hill District. The initiative will focus on bridging the digital divide for small business owners and entrepreneurs and working with partner organizations to help narrow the technology gap. Through this initiative, a variety of programs will be offered to the community. Hill District residents will have the opportunity to participate in technology and training classes to overcome digital inequalities and move forward in their careers.

Biz + Tech Bootcamp

The first program that will be offered as part of the Hill Tech Society is a Biz + Tech Bootcamp. This Bootcamp is for individuals who have been in business for at least one year and will focus on introducing the technology skills that are needed in the retail, food, construction, and artist/creative industries in a post-COVID-19 society. Sessions will be held on Saturdays during the month of November and early December, as well as one Thursday session in December. Each facilitator will cover their content and provide the opportunity for attendees to ask questions that will build their skills and business capacity.

By the end of the Bootcamp, participants should understand each technology concept and how it fits within their current business model; design a template to create operational workflows for their business; understand project management software applications; develop and build an enticing profile on social media and enhance their brand toolkit; understand and identify the best financial management apps for their business; how to write a business proposal; identify File Transfer Protocol (FTP) sites vs. platform-based systems in construction and much more!

Attendees have the option to register for each session individually, however, we strongly encourage that all businesses participate in the first four sessions. Please see a list of the sessions, what will be covered, and presenters, below.

Saturday, November 14th

Integration of Technology Into Business

12:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Presenter: Jonnet Solomon

Topics covered:

  • An introduction into how to define, identify and meet company terms and requirements to complete the overall objective
  • Introduction to QuickBooks and other financial programs
  • Software applications for human resources
  • Project Management software applications to help with the operation workflow of the business
  • Designing a template to create operation workflows for each business. Participants will show which software applications are useful to their business and the best solutions for their business
  • Case study review

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Saturday, November 14th

Managed IT Services

2:45 PM - 4:15 PM

Presenter: Marvin Green

Topics Covered:

  • A basic level of understanding will be provided of what technology and Managed IT is, and how IT fits within a business.
  • An understanding of why IT is needed and important to a business
  • IT planning and how to ensure that technology fills its overall purpose to the business to guarantee success
  • A Zoom tutorial which will include how to set up a meeting, share a screen/presentation, record, and co-host a meeting

* Participants will be polled during the presentation.

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Saturday, November 21st

Social Media and Marketing

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Presenter: Kyshira Moffett

Topics Covered:

  • A high-level overview of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Your Brand Toolkit- What a business owner would need to know before they get on social media
  • How to build an enticing profile across networks
  • Develop a content strategy that attracts participants' target market, engages their market, and converts them into customers
  • How to build an email database on social media
  • The must-have components of a successful email marketing funnel
  • Best practices for email marketing

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Saturday, December 5th

POS/FinTech/Project Management

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Presenter: Naomi Ritter

Topics Covered:

  • Financial and strategic planning- How to identify the best financial apps (Mint, Wally, Acorns, etc.) for businesses to use
  • How to write a business proposal
  • A high-level overview of Monday.com
  • Essentials business apps for financial management
  • A high-level overview of Square, PayPal, and online invoicing
  • Overview of essential business apps for project management
  • A highlight of social media tips and online best practices
  • How to utilize a camera card to live steam, and how to make a high-quality video

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Thursday, December 10th

All Things Construction: Part 1

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Presenters: Gene Boyer and Mike Tarle

Topics Covered:

  • An overview of technology and construction
  • How to utilize Excel and preparing accurate estimates for work
  • Microsoft Project and how to prepare a schedule for construction work

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Saturday, December 12th

All Things Construction: Part 2

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Presenters: Gene Boyer and Mike Tarle

Topics Covered:

  • Document Management (Ex. FTP sites, vs. platform-based systems)
  • Overview of different types of hardware and how to use it on job sites and in the office
  • Accounting software for construction jobs and project costs
  • DropBox to organize project documents
  • iPads to help with onsite construction operations

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