Hill Tech Society

Hill Tech Society 

Hill Tech Society is the latest initiative at the Hill CDC with the goal of building a vibrant technological, innovation, and business community in the Hill District. The first program of the initiative will focus on bridging the digital divide for small business owners and entrepreneurs and working with partner organizations to help narrow the technology gap. Hill District residents will have the opportunity to participate in technology and training classes to overcome digital inequalities and move forward in their careers. Hill CDC through Hill Tech Society will offer a variety of programs and revolutionary thinking that connects place to progress in the context of innovation in coming months and years.

Upcoming Programming

Hill Tech Society Featuring Tammy Szijarto

Tuesday, April 18, 5:30 PM

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National Speaker and Tech Expert Carnellia Ajasin

Tuesday, March 21, 5:30 PM

Hill Tech Society is an initiative created by the Hill CDC to assess and address tech equity while rebuilding "The Hill". Our goal is to increase equitable outcomes by supporting Black tech entrepreneurs and innovators, as well as advocating for increased access to skills training and digital infrastructure. Since 2016, the Hill CDC has worked to bridge the Pittsburgh innovation sector with the Hill District community. The Hill CDC's first efforts were launched as New Granada STEAM which brought together a cross sector of leaders to dream of the future use of the historic New Granada's third floor. The first major projects resulting from that vision were creating internet access points along Centre Avenue, and Pitt CEC's robust Digital Inclusion programs. With the Hill District's central location and many strategic partners invested in a more diverse tech ecosystem, the Hill District is the place to explore how community, culture and innovation converge! Register for our upcoming Hill Tech Society events to join the effort.

Sessions target tech entrepreneurs & innovators looking to expand their business knowledge or those who want to learn how to strengthen their technology systems. Program participants will be presented with the opportunity to connect & learn from top innovators in the Pittsburgh region and beyond.

This upcoming session will offer introductory information, as well as a discussion on important topics such as Business or Idea Value Proposition, Problem Statements, UX/UI, A/B Testing, MVP Tools for Testing and more!

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Hill Tech Society 2022 Info Session





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A Tech & Innovation Business Cohort of 2022


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Past Programming

Hill Tech Society Presents ApprentiPGH Info Session

Are you interested in a high-paying career in the tech industry, like a software analyst or web developer?!
This is your chance to learn while you earn a great salary. No experience required!

Pittsburgh has become a tech hub, but that economic boom and the high-paying careers have largely excluded our Black communities and residents.
The Hill CDC, with our focus on creating a vibrant technological, innovation, and business community in the Hill District through our Hill Tech Society Initiative (www.hilldistrict.org/hilltechsociety) is working with the Pittsburgh Technology Council, FortyxEighty, and ApprentiPGH to help break down those barriers to bring more Black people to the tech industry.

Through these apprenticeships you are an employee of the tech company from DAY ONE, earning a salary, which is a percentage of your full salary once retained.
Apprenticeship salaries START at $40K + benefits depending on your placement. There are also wrap around support services and individualized plans to remove barriers to success for each participant!
ApprentiPGH Apprenticeship Requirements:
• You must be 18 years of age
• No education or experience requirements
• Score at least an 80% on the assessment focusing on math and logic skills (You can take this assessment up to 3 times and there are resources to help you prepare and improve)

Device Giveaway - 2021 STATISTICS!

Small Businesses are a cornerstone of American economy, with $6 trillion in economic output and employing $85 Million Americans. Small Businesses have been heavily impacted by Covid-19 pandemic, with one in five small businesses closed temporarily or permanently. With social distancing restrictions in place, small business owners are counting on technology more than ever, to reach customers, market their products, and expand their business.
The Hill CDC started 2021 supporting our small business community, helping them to pivot in response to COVID-19 by gifting them with their tech device needs. As such, we gave away a limited number of tech devices to Hill District businesses in need.

These graphics show the statistics from our awardees and the importance of technology for Black owned small businesses!





Black owned, small businesses need our continued support as we continue to redevelop our community!

March 21' Hill Tech Society Tech Session 

First Monthly Hill Tech Society Tech Session about the benefit of embedding technology in business culture.

In this workshop you will learn the benefits of embedding technology in business culture. Ultimately, leadership is the source of company culture and comes from the company values. Valuable technology tools can be of use for positive and productive reinforcement. This requires thoughtful and deliberate selection with an understanding that it will influence the ability to flourish with technology.

New Year Devices Giveaway

We started 2021 supporting our small business community, helping them to pivot in response to COVID-19 by gifting them with their tech device needs. As such, we gave away a limited number of tech devices to Hill District businesses in need!

Biz + Tech Boot Camp

The first program that we offered as part of the Hill Tech Society is a Biz + Tech Boot Camp was for individuals who had been in business for at least one year and focused on introducing the technology skills that are needed in the retail, food, construction, and artist/creative industries in a post-COVID-19 society. 

By the end of the Boot Camp, participants understood each technology concept and how it fits within their current business model; designed a template to create operational workflows for their business; understood project management software applications; developed and built an enticing profile on social media and enhanced their brand toolkit; understood and identified the best financial management apps for their business; learned to write a business proposal; identified File Transfer Protocol (FTP) sites vs. platform-based systems in construction and much more!

Past Boot Camp Sessions:
Integration of Technology Into Business
Managed IT Services
Social Media and Marketing
POS/FinTech/Project Management
All Things Construction: Part 1
All Things Construction: Part 2

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