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Hill CDC Programs

The Hill CDC is focused on connecting residents and stakeholders to economic and community development opportunities. In fulfillment of our mission, the Hill CDC provides extensive programming for residents. Please see an overview of some of our programming below. You will find links to additional information for our programs, as well as other resources for residents.

Affordable Homeownership: Hill District 100

Homeownership is key in wealth and community building! The time is now for current residents and newcomers alike to realize the dream of owning their own home in the Hill District. The Hill District 100 is an initiative of the Hill CDC that embraces the Hill District's rich cultural legacy while advancing revitalization. The Hill District 100 provides relevant and meaningful education and support to potential home buyers to systematically grow the Hill District, increase wealth, and transform the community. This initiative provides a variety of services such as:

  • Recruitment of Home Buyers
  • Housing Counseling
  • Home Financing Workshops
  • Assistance in Navigating the Lending Process
  • Assistance with Home Customization*
  • Identification of Available/Suitable Properties*
  • New Development & Restoration of Vacant, Tax Delinquent, and Foreclosed Structures*

These services offer a comprehensive approach to home buying in the Hill District for first-time buyers, as well as those who have been in the market before. Through the Hill District 100, renters may even realize that their monthly rent is more costly than a typical home mortgage and that homeownership is a possibility! As Pittsburgh grows and property values increase, so will the value of the Hill District community. Claim your share of the 1,000+ acres of the Hill District, and enjoy its vibrant culture and picturesque views of Pittsburgh's skyline.

Please click the link above to learn more about the Hill District 100 Initiative, join the Hill District 100 Membership, and additional information.

Small Business Support

The Hill CDC offers various small business support through our own organizational programming and initiatives, along with the support and programming of our partners.

  • BizU
    • BLAST Cohort
    • Industry-Specific Cohorts
    • MBE Maximization
    • One-on-One Small Business Support with our partners at the University of Pittsburgh, Chatham University, Duquesne University, and Allegheny County Office of MWDBE
    • Networking, Pop-ups, and other Special Events
  • BizLab - The Hill CDC offers some coworking and dedicated desk space at affordable rates.

For questions about our programs please contact programs [at] or by calling 412-765-1820 and selecting her direct dial.

Neighborhood Planning and Advocacy

The Hill District Master Plan has grown out of the sustained efforts of numerous residents, community groups, and stakeholders. Two community meetings each drew over 75 participants who provided valuable input to the goals and content of the Plan. With ongoing guidance and feedback from these many entities, the Hill District Master Plan is informed by the development principles, non-displacement strategies for reclaiming the Lower Hill, and community goals described in the Greater Hill District Master Plan. The Plan itself has two components: Program Initiatives and Urban Design Proposals. Learn more about Hill District plans here.

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Other Resident Resources

Social Services

The Hill District has a strong history of serving the community and continues that legacy today. The Hill District is home to a number of social service agencies that address family support, educational needs, counseling, mentoring, basic needs, and more. Please visit the Business Directory to find more resources.


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