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About the Hill District 100 Initiative

Homeownership is key in wealth and community building! The time is now for current residents and newcomers alike to realize the dream of owning their own home in the Hill District. The Hill District 100 is an initiative of the Hill CDC that focuses on the revitalization of the Hill District neighborhood through affordable homeownership. The initiative also embraces the Hill District's rich cultural legacy while advancing revitalization. The Hill District 100 provides relevant and meaningful education and support to potential home buyers to systematically grow the Hill District, increase wealth, and transform the community.

We host periodic homeownership events and workshops to provide support.

We also host a homeownership cohort to help participants navigate the process and reach the goal of homeownership.

The Hill CDC Real Estate development rehabilitates both structures that have been torn down and abandoned buildings that may be preserved and put back into use. The Hill CDC follows the Greater Hill District Master Plan's goals to revitalize the commercial core and to foster greater housing opportunities for affordable homeownership and quality rental apartments. To view our Hill District 100 properties click below.

Hill District 100 Properties

Additional Information:

For more information, please contact programs [at] hilldistrict.org or call 412-765-1820.

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