Hill District Renaissance (Formerly Ossipee Flats)

Hill District Renaissance (Formerly Ossipee Flats)
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UPDATED: Milwaukee St., Adelaide St., Ossipee St., Ledlie St., and Clarissa St.
Aligns with Master Plan
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July 2019 - Submitted to the DRP

  • 24-unit housing project located along Milwaukee and Ossipee Streets by Amani Christian Community Development Corporation
  • New 3-bedroom apartments, 8 ADA accessible
  • 18 units on Ossipee Street, 6 on Milwaukee Street
  • MLK Reading Room incorporated as community space/leasing office
  • All units are affordable, targeted at 50% AMI and below

September 2019 - Sat before the DRP

  • The DRP determined the project was in alignment and scored the project a 90% 

November 2019 - Presented at a Hill District Community Meeting

  • The proposal received a community meeting score of 61%
  • Their cumulative score (DRP Committee + Community) was 76% and thus not high enough to successfully complete the process 
  • The proposal will now come back before the DRP Committee to address community concerns

October 2020 - Submitted an updated project to the DRP renamed the Hill District Renaissance

  • After not receiving a passing cumulative score following presenting at a public community meeting, Amani Christian Community Development Corporation revisted their project and came back with and updated plan that incorporated community feedback
  • Updated plan includes 18 new construction for sale-units (6 on Milwaukee St., 2 on Adelaide St., 4 on Ossippee St., and 6 on Ledlie St.) an 2 rehab for-sale units on Clarissa St.  6 to 9 of these for-sale units will be affordable.  It also includes 12 affordable rental units (5 on Ossipee St. and 7 on Milwaukee St.).  All rental units will utilize Project Based Vouchers.
  • DRP Committee conducted an internal review and invited them to present in November 2020

November 2020 - Sat before the DRP Again

  • Presented to the DRP Committee
  • DRP is in the process of scoring the proposal

December 2020 - Project Passed DRP 

  • Hill District Renaissance Development Project received a passing score from the DRP (95% - A)
  • Development team invited to present to the Q1 Community Meeting

February 2021 - Development Team Updated

  • Development Team informed the DRP of critical community feedback regarding certain affordable unit locations and changes that needed to be made
  • Development Team will make necessary changes and return to the DRP

April 2021 - Development Team Presentation

  • The Development Team returned to the DRP to present an update 
  • Accommodations to community feedback and changes to the project were highlighted during the presentation
  • DRP unanimously voted for the project to continue to the upcoming Community Meeting

April 2021 - Presented to Community

  • The Development Team presented to the broader community during Q2 Community Meeting April 27th
  • The Development Project received a score of  94% - A  from the community

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