Lunch & Learn Workshops

Friday, January 11, 2019 - 11:30am to 1:00pm
1901 Centre Ave Suite 103, Pittsburgh, PA 15219



Ujamaa's Lunch & Learn workshops are free, informal community-building gatherings to connect, learn and share on a variety of issues, causes and creative concerns. We ask that you bring your own lunch, and Ujamaa will provide snacks and tea/coffee. This winter we partner with the folks from Three Rivers Postal Social for some great sessions. Let's break bread together and do some amazing things with our neighbors!

Three Rivers Postal Social is part epistolary salon: folks are invited to write letters, postcards, cards, etc together and also skill-share in community! All materials are supplied at Ujamaa. Our theme for January is "Dreams" where we will be writing letters to dream selves, writing letters about our dreams and much more!

Friday, January 11


Ujamaa Collective

1901 Centre Ave, Suite 103

Pittsburgh, PA 15219