Hill's Kitchen Virtual Focus Group

Monday, October 19, 2020 - 1:30pm

Black restaurateurs are invited to participate in a virtual focus group discussion on Monday, October 19th at either 1:00 PM or 5:30 PM for our latest initiative, Hill's Kitchen, to help meet Black restaurateur's needs and as a result, the community's need for more food-based businesses in the Hill District.

Hill's Kitchen is an initiative of the Hill CDC that is designed to build a corps of entrepreneurs ready to take advantage of the opportunities offered by redevelopment in the Hill District. In addition, Hill's Kitchen will establish a food-based entrepreneur pipeline and help revive the neighborhood by bringing restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes back to the community.

Over the next two years, the Hill Community Development Corporation (Hill CDC) is developing a commercial and cultural corridor along Centre Avenue. The New Granada Square will be the heart of the Hill CDC's economic development work and will serve as the foundation for the future development of the Black cultural and business corridor along Centre Avenue in Pittsburgh's historic Hill District neighborhood.

The purpose of this focus group is to collect information from our target demographic, as well as inform you of and connect you to opportunities in the Hill District. The information that you provide will help us build out the initiative, including the upcoming cohort, to best serve restaurants and other food-based businesses who are interested in having their business in the Hill.

Please register at https://hillskitchenfocusgroup.eventbrite.com if you are interested in participating.