HerStory: A Celebration of Black Female Artists

Thursday, February 11, 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Leadership and Arts Coalition partnered with artist Jahne Brown to curate an hour online event that displays the work of black women.

HerStory, is the brain-child of the artist Jahne Brown. The idea originated from the focus of celebrating and uplifting black women artistry while giving viewers a glimpse of what is like for black women in today's society.

This event will provide a platform for black women and women-identifying artists, writers, and creatives to reflect on their thoughts of the current placement and status of black women in today's society and how that impacts a definition of success.

You will see art displayed across 3 categories:

- Music/Poetry/Spoken Words

- Multimedia (sculpture, video, 3D works)

- Visual Art and Design (2D works, illustrations, photography)

Who Should Attend: This online event is for art enthusiasts of all ages. Creators, consumers, and connoisseurs alike. We will all be gathering to celebrate the strength of Black Women through art.

FREE Event - Register HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/herstory-a-celebration-of-black-female-arti...

About Jahne Brown

Jahne is a New York based fine artist and photographer. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland there she found her love for art and design. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology, predominantly creating work that focuses on fashion, fine art, and portraiture. What becomes important to her when producing artwork is creating narratives using details and colors to guide her viewers through her thought process. When working with mediums, she mainly uses lens-based tools, but recently Jahne is working on elevating her work by incorporating video and painting into her practice.

About Leadership and Arts Coalition

Leadership and Arts Coalition is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to use the arts to improve and enhance the educational landscape in marginalized communities. We understand the importance of bringing together individuals and entities to improve the outcomes for all. Our primary goal is to raise awareness and money to support artistic expression through unity, inclusion, and bridging economic gaps.