Crawford Square Phase IV

Crawford Square Phase IV
Development Address: 
Crawford Roberts
Bridging the Gap Development
Project Status: 
Under Review
Development Category: 

January 2022

  • Bridging the Gap Development submitted a Mixed-Income Development Proposal to the DRP
  • The Development Project consists of 6 New Construction Single Family Residences
  • A total of 4 Market Rate Units, 2 affordable subsidized units at 80%+ AMI
    • Subsidized units will offer a 2nd Deferred Mortgage
    • Garage
    • Outdoor living
    • Green space

February 2022

  • The DRP conducted an internal review at the February meeting
  • The DRP shared questions and feedback regarding the location of the vacant parcels within the Crawford Roberts Community
  • Upon response from the Development Team regarding shared feedback, the DRP voted to invite Bridging the Gap Develpoment for a formal presentation

March 2022

  • Bridging the Gap Development formally presented to the DRP during the March meeting
  • The Development Project received a 59% - E
  • The DRP found the project is not yet in alignment with the Greater Hill District Master Plan and requires further review
  • The DRP shared questions and feedback regarding
    • The legal rights to the naming of the development project
    • The Development Team's community engagement strategy pre and post construction for current residents and HOA
    • The level of subsidy available for the affordable units
    • Total Cost of the Market Rate units
  • The DRP has invited the developer to discuss strategies of improvement to bring the project into alignment with the GHDMP

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