Centre Heldman Tenants

Centre Heldman Tenants
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Once the URA decided to retain ownership of Centre Heldman Plaza, at least for the short and mid-term, the Hill CDC reached out to work collaboratively to ensure community input on the selection of tenants for the site. As a result, we (1) created a modified Development Review Panel ("DRP") process with a questionnaire for prospective tenants to fill out and (2) are hosting a community meeting to receive input from Hill District residents.

We asked prospective tenants to fill out a questionnaire to give the Hill District Community insight into their business, who they are as a business owner and their alignment with various goals and strategies regarding business development designed to serve the population within the entire Hill District. It is not only important that businesses align with these strategies, but also that prospective businesses are familiar with the economic and cultural environment of the Hill District.

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January 2020

  • URA acquired Centre Heldman Plaza

March 2020

  • After URA decided to retain ownership for at least the short and mid-term, they released an RFI - Request for Interested Tenants

May 2020

  • Hill CDC requested utilizing the modified Development Review Panel process to ensure Hill District community input on tenant selection
  • Hill CDC and URA met several times to work collaboratively

June 2020

  • URA requested access to share Request for Interested Tenants (RFI) responses with the Members of the Development Review Panel. To date, 7 of 14 respondents agreed to do so.
  • URA also requested that prospective tenants respond to a questionnaire. To date, 9 of 14 respondents have done so.
  • Virtual Community Meeting will be held Thursday, June 25th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM on Zoom and FB Live. All are welcome to attend and ask questions; only Hill District residents will be permitted to score and rank preferences.

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