Agri-Trade Development Institute

Agri-Trade Development Institute
Development Address: 
2300 Centre Avenue
Project Love Coalition
Project Status: 
Under Review
Development Category: 
Community Services

Review the Project Documents:

December 2020 - Submitted to the DRP

  • Proposed Live-Work-Create Development Space located at the intersection of Centre Avenue and Soho Street
  • First floor retail and multi-purpose communal space
  • Second floor includes an Indoor Vertical Farm and Education Lab, along with Admin area
  • Third floor includes 3 units of 100% affordable housing for Veterans and the Entrepreneurial and Agricultural residence program
  • Rooftop includes outdoor garden beds and solar panels
  • Project includes greenspace and public art
  • Seeking to acquire publicly owned land

January 2021- Internal Review

  • DRP conducted an internal review during their January 6th meeting and invited the developer to formally present

February 2021 - Presented to the DRP

  • Development team formally presented to the DRP during the February 3rd meeting
  • DRP elected to not score the project due to various unclear areas of the project
  • DRP submitted feedback to the development team and requested additional information

April 2021 - Submitted requested information

  • The Development Team submitted a parking plan for the development project
  • Submitted information and responses to DRP for further discussion

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