346 Miller Street

346 Miller Street
Development Address: 
346 Miller Street 15219
Chan Real Estate, LP
Project Status: 
Under Review
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Mural Proposal Renderings

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August 2021

  • Chan Real Estate, LP submitted the proposed Development Project to the DRP via Design Build 3, LLC
  • Proposed Development Project is a Multi-Family Residential reuse of 346 Mille Street Baptist Church
  • Development Project includes 9 total 1 bedroom apartments; 6 Market Rate units and 3 Affordable units.
  • First floor units will be ADA compliant

September 2021

  • The DRP conducted an internal review of the proposed development project during their August 4th 2021 meeting
  • The DRP voted to invite the developer for a formal presentation during their September meeting
  • The DRP responded to the Development Team with feedback to be answered during their formal presentation

October 2021

  • The Development Team, Design Build 3, LLC formally presented to the DRP
  • The DRP reviewed the presentation scoring a 71% - C, determining more to be done for alignment with the Greater Hill District Master Plan
  • The DRP has provided feed back in areas regarding
    • Builds Upon African American Cultural Legacy
    • Economic Empowerment
    • Mobility, Transportation, and Parking
  • The Development Team has been invited back to discuss areas of need for greater alignment with the Greater Hill District Master Plan

November 2021

  • The Development Team presented during the November DRP meeting, in response to the given feedback
  • DRP determined that the proposed project was in better alignment with the Greater Hill District Master Plan giving a score of 80% - B
  • The Development Team has been invited to formally present to the broader Community during the Quarter 4 Community Meeting
  • The Development Team created a public Call for Artists, shared with community and city based artists for the public art mural portion of the proposed develpoment
  • The Development Team hosted an information session to share details of the public art scope of work with interested artists. (View each submitted proposal below
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