Gaudenzia Centre Ave

January 2017

  • Sat before the DRP
  • Proposed a drug and alcohol residential facility along Grove Street behind the proposed new development, demolition of the existing historic building, formerly House of the Crossroads, and 9,000 square feet of commercial space with twenty-six (26) affordable rental units along Centre Avenue.
  • The DRP determined the project did not align with either the Greater Hill District Master Plan or the Centre Avenue Corridor Plan.
    • The construction of a new drug and alcohol treatment facility is not in alignment with the community's stated vision for that area of the Centre Avenue Corridor, referred to as the Centre of Culture.
    • There were concerns regarding the commercial space and affordable rental units along Center Ave proposed in attempts to cover the new drug and alcohol facility that would be located behind it.
    • Lastly, concerns around a lack of trust and transparency with Gaudenzia.

February 2017

  • Hill CDC met with Gaudenzia, provided feedback, and expressed concerns and possible solutions.

March 2017

  • Hill CDC in conjunction with Councilman Lavelle's Office and Representative Wheatley's Office conducted a tour of four (4) different sites with Gaudenzia.

April 2017

  • Gaudenzia went on an additional tour of one of the alternate sites and communicated that none of the alternate sites were feasible for them.

May 2017

  • Gaudenzia sent a communication with their steps to address some issues, but no solution to the issue of the location of the drug and alcohol treatment facility.

June 2017

  • Gaudenzia filed for zoning requests to move forward with the construction of a new drug and alcohol treatment facility on Grove Street facing Centre Ave
  • DRP sent a response letter that states the project is not aligned with the community's plans.

Please Note: Since conferring the letter of non-support the following has occurred:

July 2017

  • Public Zoning Hearing on Gaudenzia's requests regarding the construction of a new drug and alcohol treatment facility.  The Hill CDC and neighboring residents were granted a hold on the record to inform the community and have an opportunity to provide community response.
  • Emergency community meeting held with Hill District residents and stakeholders and representatives from Gaudenzia, their design consulting team, and their attorney.  Hill CDC gave a presentation, followed by an opportunity for Gaudenzia representatives to offer comments, and then responses from Hill District residents and stakeholders. 
  • Hill CDC Memo to the community as a follow-up to the emergency meeting. 
  • Hill CDC sent a letter requesting re-engagement with the community review process to Gaudenzia

August 2017

  • Councilman Lavelle submitted a letter in opposition to their zoning requests to locate at 420 Grove St and that he hopes they will withdraw their requests and re-engage with the DRP