Lance Harrell


Lance Harrell

CCIP Project Administrator
Lower Hill Executive Management Committee

Lance was born and raised in Pittsburgh from the Hill District to Beechview. Growing up in two entirely different neighborhoods allowed him to witness first-hand the difference between living in two different socio-economic environments. Lance graduated from Point Park University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business and most recently served as a Project Manager for both PNC Bank and BNY Mellon. As a real estate developer for the previous 26 years, he has worked on multiple projects rehabilitating dilapidated properties throughout Pittsburgh. Lance understands the science of real estate and how homeownership is an essential vehicle in creating generational wealth. Committed to making a difference, Lance currently serves as a board member for Operation Better Block, Young Preservation Association, Sheraden Community Council, Sheraden Housing Advisory Committee, and volunteers with Big Brothers and Big Sisters. His involvement and benefit in the revitalization of Pittsburgh are not enough for him. Playing a role in including his community in Pittsburgh's growth, and helping others gain the life tools and maintain a positive outlook to the future of our communities is a more significant measure of his success and achievement.


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