Jordan Smith


Jordan Smith

Cultural and Mainstreet Manager
Hill CDC

Jordan Smith, a Pittsburgh native first found his love and passion for Community Development in his home community of Lincoln Lemington, on Pittsburgh's East Side of the City. After studying Business Management at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, he returned home to become a member of several community leadership groups, including helping form and lead as the Chair Position for the community's first Registered Community Organization, the Lincoln Lemington Collaborative, in 2018. During his time with the LLC he & the board dedicated time to building key impactful relationships with local government leaders and public institutions for the advancement of the community's goals for growth. Under Jordan's leadership, the Community Group worked with Pittsburgh City Planning and hired a consultant to conduct a Pre-Visioning study which serves as the preliminary planning for a larger in depth Community Plan.

With a special love for the preservation and advancement of Black Arts and Culture, Jordan has also led several community projects and initiatives across the city of Pittsburgh. He has passionately used 10 years of community engagement experience to leverage local resources and uplift communities in both Pittsburgh's North Side neighborhood as well the Hill District where he currently holds the position of Main Street and Cultural Manager at the Hill Community Development Corporation. Using resources both within the community and at large, he creatively works with an emphasis on the importance of Black Arts and Culture as an economic driver for positive community redevelopment. Strategically connecting Creative, Retail, Food, and other brick and mortar businesses to inspire growth along the commercial corridor is also key to Jordan's role at Hill CDC.

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