Real Estate & Development

While a neighborhood's "soul" is essentially the people that make up the community, the physical commercial, residential, and cultural components may be considered the "body". The Real Estate development efforts of the Hill CDC are focused on saving the existing assets that link back to the venerated past while developing new "bricks & mortar" to reweave the fabric of the neighborhood. At the same time, this development work strives to balance the improvements with measures to prevent displacement.

There is no question that the Hill District has suffered from disinvestment and neglect. Over the past few decades, many structures have been torn down or stand abandoned. Our work is to rehabilitate those buildings that may be preserved and put them back into use. We follow the Greater Hill District Master Plan's goals to revitalize the Commercial Core and to foster greater housing opportunities for affordable homeownership and quality rental apartments.

Featured Projects:

New Granada Square

Hill District 100

Wylie Avenue Townhouses
Constructed: 1997-1998

Construction of twelve new for-sale townhomes and twenty-four rental units.

Crawford Square Phase I For Sale Townhomes
Constructed: 1998-1999

Construction of Crawford Square 330 units for sale and rental.

Williams Square
Constructed: 1999

Development of mixed-use professional office building.

Crawford Square Phase II For Sale Homes
Constructed: 1999

Construction of Crawford Square Phase II 20 for sale housing units.

Freedom Corner Monument
Constructed: 2001

Development of the community monument marking civil unrest of the urban renewal of the 1960s.

New Granada Theater
Constructed: 1927

Renewal of historic movie house into a sustainable community destination.

Bedford HOPE VI Project
Constructed: Phase I - 2004

Construction of over 500 rental and for-sale units of mixed-income residential housing.

Dinwiddie For Sale Townhomes
Constructed: 1998

Development of six townhomes for moderate-income families.

One Hope Square
Category: Hill House Properties
Constructed: 2002

Promoted and facilitated the development of mixed use office and retail building.