Phase 1: 1410 5th Ave

Phase 1: 1410 5th Ave
Development Address: 
1410 5th Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa 15219
Aligns with Master Plan
Bethlehem Haven
Project Status: 
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March 2022

  • Bethlehem Haven submitted a Housing Development Proposal to the DRP
  • The Development Project consists of a two phase Housing Development
  • A total of 26 units that are single room occupancy

May 2022

  • The DRP conducted an internal review at the May meeting
  • The DRP shared questions and feedback regarding the number of bedrooms
  • Upon response from the Development Team regarding shared feedback, the DRP voted to invite Bethlehem Haven for a formal presentation
  • The DRP determined that the proposed project was in better alignment with the Greater Hill District Mast Plan giving a score of 82% - B
  • The Development Team has been invited to formally present to the broader Community during the Quarter 3 Community Meeting
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