43 Vine Street

43 Vine Street
Development Address: 
43 Vine Street
Does Not Align with Master Plan
Project Status: 
Development Category: 
Community Services

March 2018 - Submitted to the DRP

  • Proposed a 70-space flat surface private parking lot with landscaping to service the tenants of the MedTech Building located in Uptown.
  • Seeking a local artist to use the lot as a canvas.
  • Project includes the demolition of existing buildings on site.
  • Seeking zoning variance.

April 2018 - Sat before the DRP

  • The DRP determined the project was not in alignment and scored the project a 51%.
  • Offered to work with community orgs to create a more comprehensive development in alignment with the Master Plan.
  • Developer declined.
  • Therefore the project was not advanced.

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