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Centre Avenue RFP One Page Flyer

Brief information regarding the 2014 RFP process for Centre Avenue @ Hill District.

Centre Avenue UDream One Page Flyer

Brief information regarding the technical partner, UDream, for Centre Avenue @ Hill District.


Project abstract regarding the project overview, analysis and next steps for Centre Avenue @ Hill District

Hill District Master Plan

The master plan for the Greater Hill District define the vision for future growth and regeneration of the neighborhood. The plan expresses the community’s aspirations for an improved quality of life and defines goals for new investment and development. It informs prospective investors and developers about the community’s priorities for new residential, commercial, cultural and civic development in the Hill and directs them to new community supported development opportunities that exist throughout the Hill. The master plan provides the community with a framework to direct public, private and institutional resources in supporting new projects in the Hill.

Hill District Greenprint

The Greenprint has three core goals:

  • Establish a healthy place with urban development that works in concert with the natural ecology;
  • Identify projects and opportunities for leadership and innovation in the local economy; and
  • Reframe the identity of the Hill District as "A Village in the Woods" - an example of urban beauty.

The Greenprint builds upon the Hill’s existing landscape resources to provide a framework for the neighborhood to retain its identity and capitalize on its geography.  As an ecological framework to guide future development, the Greenprint defines three distinct regions:

  • The Woods, the Hill's outer edge, wraps the community with dense vegetation.
  • The Village is a collection of diverse neighborhoods at the geographic center of the Hill.
  • Conveyance is the system that moves people, water, and wildlife through the Hill, highlighting historic stream paths.
Centre Avenue Mixed-Use Feasibility Study

An interactive process was involved with this 2005 feasibility study focused on the Centre Ave commercial district.  The findings still inform thinking and guide work within the business corridor.

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