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  • Run your water to flush out lead.  If water hasn't been used for several hours, run it 15 -30 seconds or until it becomes cold or reaches a steady temperature before using for drinking cooking,  This process flushes lead-containing water from pipes.
  • Use cold water for cooking and preparing baby formula. Lead dissolves more easily in hot water.  Do not drink, cook with, or make baby formula using hot water.
  • Do not boil water to remove lead.  Boiling will not reduce lead.
  • Look for alternatives sources or treatment of water.  Drink bottles water or purchase an NSF water filter that is certified for lead.
  • Identify if your plumbing fixtures contain lead.  There are check swabs that can detect lead on plumbing surfaces such as solder and pipes.  These swabs can be purchased at plumbing and home improvement stores. Consider having lead-containing pipes and fixtures replaced. 
  • Contact PWSA if you decide to replace your lead service line for information about coordinating efforts.
  • Visit the EPA's website for more on lead in drinking water

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