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Suggestions Sought from Community on Naming of Streets in Lower Hill Redevelopment Site

With site preparations well underway in the 28 acres site of the Lower Hill District, the first phase of infrastructure development is scheduled to begin in the fall of this year. This will involve the construction of the major roadways that will form the street grid of the Lower Hill site.

Along with the extension of Wylie Ave into Downtown, phase I will involve the development of 2 new north-south roadways that will intersect Wylie and connect Bedford Ave to Centre Ave. Construction on these roadways cannot begin until the new roadways are officially named. With technical assistance being provided by the Department of City Planning, our office reaches out to you, as a resident of the Hill District and/or representative of a Hill based organization, to assist in the selection of names for Street # 1 and Street # 2.

Attached to this message is a presentation prepared by the Department of City Planning offering 2 suggestions for the naming of these streets which you can access here. Both options are based on the original street grid of the Lower Hill District, and use the historical street names that existed on the site before the construction of the Civic Arena.

Option # 1: Logan St and Fullerton St
-In the original Lower Hill street grid, these were the 2 most prominent north-south bound streets.
-The intersection of Fullerton and Wiley used to be known as the “Crossroads of the World”. This option would therefore pay homage to the historic significance of that intersection.
-The new streets would not be in the exact same location as the historical Logan and Fullerton St.

Option # 2: Elm St/Congress St and Logan St
-The new Logan St would be almost exactly in the same location as the original Logan St.
-With this option, there would be no Fullerton-Wylie intersection to honor the historically termed “Crossroads of the World”.

In addition to the above options, our office will be taking suggestions for street names from the community at large. As nominations are compiled, and after they are vetted by the City Planning Department to ensure they are not duplicate names of existing streets and meet other street naming requirements defined in the city code, our office will provide the top 3 names to City Planning’s Street Naming Committee for review.


The process will therefore work as follows:

Step 1: Office of District 6 compiles naming suggestions from the Hill District Community.

Step 2: City Planning assists the District 6 office in determining which naming suggestions meet the street naming requirements defined in the city code.

Step 3: The top 3 community naming suggestions will be forwarded to the Department of City Planning’s Street Naming Committee, the city entity in charge of providing naming recommendations for City Council.

Step 4: City Council receives the naming recommendations from the Street Naming Committee and votes on the recommendations.

To submit a street naming suggestion, please contact the district office by July 13th: 
Phone: 412-255-2134
Fax: 412-255-0737
Mail: Office of District 6
414 Grant St
Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Office of District 6

Source: Denise Johnson: ‎Hill Community Development Corporation | 412-765-1820 |

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