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The Hill CDC currently offers the following programs. Also visit our Services section to learn how we serve the Hill District of Pittsburgh PA.

Resume Assistance


Job, Career, Learning, Innovation

Résumé Assistance

Qualified staff are available to help you develop a strong résumé and cover letter so you can land that all important interview.  Bring a copy of your résumé to receive feedback.

Computer Assistance


Job, Career, Learning, Innovation

One-on-One Computer Assistance

Get computer questions answered!  Staff can provide assistance whether you need help using Microsoft Office, creating an email account, searching the internet or using an eReader.

Hill CDC Organizational Package

An organizational overview of the Hill Community Development Corporation.

Southwestern Urban Revitilization Project (SPUR)

SPUR is an initiative developed to foster economic growth in the Hill District and surrounding communities through job training and entrepreneurial development by a host of organizations. 

BizLab and BizU

Growing a business is a challenge in today’s tough economy.  Now, more than ever, it is important to take advantage of available resources.  The Hill CDC is here to make it easier to access the resources that a growing business needs. | 412-765-1820 |

Serving the Greater Hill District of Pittsburgh, PA