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Welcome to the Hill District's community development review process!

Proposed development plans for the Hill District can be submitted through this website to begin the Development Review Panel (DRP) process. Submitted plans will go through an initial review by the Hill CDC and will then be transferred to the DRP for formal review. 

This process will ensure that development in the Hill District moves forward with transparency and is well received by the community in early stages.  It also assures that plans align with the Greater Hill District Master Plan.  

Thank you for your partnership and we look forward to working together to redevelop the Hill District!


Step 1: 
Download and complete the Project Executive Summary and Self Evaluation Form 

Step 2:

Review and Complete Proposed Development Checklist

Step 3:
Submit the proposal: Executive Summary, Self Evaluation, and attach applicable Checklist documents. 




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Since September 2011, the Hill District community has been utilizing its comprehensive master plan to guide development. The Greater Hill District Master Plan envisions the revitalization of one of Pittsburgh’s most historic neighborhoods. To ensure the alignment of any new development within the Greater Hill District, the Hill District community collaboratively created the Development Review Panel (DRP). The panel is comprised of eleven Hill District residents appointed by several community organizations, and was created to provide in-depth review of proposed development for the Hill District neighborhood. The DRP meets monthly to review development plans for alignment with the master plan by considering adherence in areas such as: honoring cultural legacy, providing community appropriate housing, following best urban design practices, meeting economic development goals, ensuring project market viability, and complying with city codes and community plans. 

If you have questions about the review process, the community master plan or development within the Hill District, please email or call 412-765-1820 | 412-765-1820 |

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