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Marimba Milliones, President & CEO

Dan Shaffer, Hill CDC Fellow x202

David Serbin, Real Estate Development Manager x203

Nancy Reis, Real Estate Associate x205

Felicity Williams, Programs & Policy Associate and
Special Assistant to the President & CEO x204

Administrative & Operations Associate x200

Property Management provided by Ralph Falbo Inc for Wylie Avenue Townhomes, Milliones Manor and Firehouse Apartments.

Board of Directors

Daniel Armanios, PhD
William Bercik, Esq.
Alexis Clipper, Board Chair
Roderick Craighead, Secretary
Marsha Grayson, Esq.
Jonathan Newell
Deborah Pittrell Parker
Mike Tarle
Brenda Tate
Jamar White, Treasurer
Eugene D. Williams III, Vice-Chair | 412-765-1820 |

Serving the Greater Hill District of Pittsburgh, PA